At ThorUlrick we believe that the Pre-Construction phase is the critical aspect, the keystone,
to every successful project.

Here at ThorUlrick we use our experience, knowledge, and commitment to deliver an unrivaled service to our clients. During Pre-Construction, important fundamental decisions are made that define the project: design decisions are made, budget, schedules are established, and planning for construction is outlined and refined. It is here where we define ourselves and provide our clients with the expertise they need.

These Pre-Construction Services provide our clients with an analysis of the integration of materials, equipment, systems, construction means and methods, techniques, which leads to realistic schedule and budget.

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We also realize that there is no amount of planning that will ensure a perfect outcome, and with that knowledge we build contingencies, we strategize for the unknown, so that in the end, the project will reach the greatest outcome possible.

Distinction through Excellence

Our vision is to continually strive to develop great properties, and to become a leader in real estate development.