Doing the right thing, almost always means doing the hard thing. At ThorUlrick we take pride in doing the right thing, because building with Integrity is paramount to building for excellence.

Our talented group of construction professionals can easily navigate the design phase. ThorUlrick Construction was born out of Haffey Investment Company, a company that excels at design, setting records at sales price per square foot, in every area, on every project, in which they developed or built. Haffey Investment Company focuses all of its energy on only two factors, in the design phase to extract the greatest value from a property, through design, and then to fulfill the design and build the best product as possible.



Our principals, and the core team are well versed in the concepts of design allowing us to collaborate with the architects, engineers, and other designers of a project more effectively. Additionally, our knowledge and experience in the means and methods of the physical construction of a project allows us to effectively; evaluate the feasibility of a design, offer suggestions and alternatives, and assure an owner quality is not compromised for cost. We specialize in creating outstanding returns on our projects, and more importantly the projects of our clients.

The excellence in construction, or the build, comes from our years of experience of working with a select group of subcontractors that know and understand our commitment to quality and to continuing to find the best talent, maintain our core relationships, and to be accommodating to the sub-contractors needs, to ensure preferential treatment and the highest standards of quality.

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Distinction through Excellence

Our vision is to continually strive to develop great properties, and to become a leader in real estate development.