Construction Management

Collaboration is the key to success in construction Management.

Knowing that collaboration is the key factor isn’t enough, executing on that key factor, and in an efficient manner is what makes the difference between the average and the excellent.

Our field team is on site to run the job, manage site logistics, provide supervision, maintain safety, facilitate coordination with subcontractors, and maintain a high level of product quality. That field team keeps in constant communication with our project managers to provide them the most accurate real time information. Our PM’s also make frequent site visits for further their knowledge of each project.

It is in this process that our project managers can maintain control of the flow of information through utilization of the most modern managerial tools the industry has to offer. We currently utilize Buildertrend as the foundation of our project management system. Equipped with the daily information of a projects progress our management team is then able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date scheduling, cost control and quality control throughout the duration of a project. That is how we at ThorUlrick Construction execute collaboration from the field to all stake holders seamlessly.

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Distinction through Excellence

Our vision is to continually strive to develop great properties, and to become a leader in real estate development.